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Fundraising events at The Melt

Have you ever noticed the word FUN in fundraising? At The Melt, we bring the fun & cheesy goodness to fundraising. We proudly support our local communities by partnering with schools and youth sports teams by hosting in-store fundraiser events. Our melts tastes even better when it's for a good cause.

We proudly support non-profits (501 c3 status) such as:

  • Public Schools

  • Sports Teams

  • Student Councils

  • Booster Clubs

  • Parent Teacher Organizations

  • Campus Clubs

  • School Bands

  • Sororities / Fraternities

5 easy steps


Send us a note with your fundraising date, location and preferred time.


Once event is confirmed, The Melt will send you a personalized event flyer for printing.


Advertise! Distribute as many flyers as possible and spread the word. Flyers are required with each order to receive credit for the fundraiser.


Relax and celebrate while we serve you real happy food at your event.


Turn your dinners into dollars.

We’ll donate 25% of each check back to your cause.

Tips for success


Distribute flyers during large gatherings, group meetings, training sessions and sporting events.


Announce your fundraiser on your organization's website and add a link to download a PDF of your personalized flyer.


Email the flyer to your family, friends, office, school, etc.


Announce the fundraiser on the P.A. System at your school or local event.


Post the event throughout all social media channels – go viral!

Send us a request

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