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The Melt Card

The Melt Card

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Part loyalty card. Part mobile payment card. Part gift card. Put Melt Perks in your pocket.

The Melt Card allows you to earn ooey-gooey perks, pay with your smart phone, and gift happiness. A rewards card, a mobile payment card, and a gift card all wrapped into one.

Melt Perks

Every 10th melt is on us.

Purchase 9 melts and the 10th one is free! When ordering online, no need to worry about scanning your Melt Card, we'll take care of that for you. But don't forget to scan your Melt Card when ordering in-store. Take your pick of melts up to $8.99.

Earn a free cookie or apple
with each order of a melt
or large salad for 90 days.

Earn Perks+ status when you buy at least
1 melt in 5 separate orders within 30 days.

Receive a sweet treat on your birthday.

Let us treat you to your choice of one of our yummy desserts ($5.49 value) in celebration of your big day. Tell us your birthday when you create an online account so that we know when to send happy wishes your way.

Mobile Payment

There's more than meets the eye with the Melt Card.

Not only do you earn perks with the Melt Card, it is a reloadable payment method too. All you need to do is add value to it. Convert a physical Melt Card into a mobile Melt Card so that you can use your smart phone to pay for in-store orders. Check a Melt Card Balance

Gift Happiness

The Melt Card

HAPPY Birthday.

HAPPY Holidays.

HAPPY Friday.

Whatever happy you are celebrating, give the gift of happiness with the Melt Card. Visit us at one of our locations to purchase a Melt Card today.