Start earning melt perks today

Get our new app from the Apple Store or Google Play and you will earn rewards as soon as you sign up! If you already have a Melt account, your existing perks have been transferred, hooray!

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Every 10th Melt is on us

Purchase 9 Melts with us and get the 10th one free! Orders placed online or on our app will automatically be counted. Forgot to use your loyalty account? Get credit for orders placed at the register by entering your claim code here.

Earn FREE sweet treats!

Register with The Melt App and we’ll add a birthday dessert to your account each year!

(We recommend getting the Snickerdoodle shake if you really want to spoil yourself)

How do I redeem my rewards?


Just add the item to your cart. Our new online ordering system will automatically discount them during checkout.


Scan your Melt Card and let the cashier know which one you want!


Scan your Melt Card, then add the item to your cart. Our kiosk will automatically discount them during checkout.

How will I know when I receive a reward?

When you receive a reward from The Melt, you will receive a notification in-app. You can view all available rewards through your Reward card on the home page or by tapping the bar code icon on the top right of the home screen.

When do my rewards expire?

Rewards have different expiration dates. You can view available rewards and expiration dates through the "Rewards" portion of the app or online.

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